Why the Moon landings are NOT fake- Origins of the conspiracy



On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin achieved one of the greatest milestones in the history of our civilization. They set afoot on the Moon. Neil Armstrong was the first of the two Astronauts in the Lunar Module to exit the Module. Soon after, he prompted one of the most famous lines- “One small step for man, one giant leap for Mankind”.

Today, millions believe that the Moon Landings were actually faked. This is a huge insult to the hundreds of thousands of people at NASA that dedicated their whole careers to make the dream possible.

But why do so many people believe that the Moon landings were faked? The internet and a few individuals are to blame for this. The internet is a great tool of persuasion. You can reach millions, if not, billions of people on the internet in just a few days. You can persuade people to believe what you believe is true. Most conspiracies like Flat Earth and Moon landing conspiracies expanded significantly after the internet became famous. Today, there are million who believe in these conspiracies and more.

How did it start? Books, Hollywood and Documentaries

Origins: Bill Kaysing

The conspiracy started to gain big attention through a book titled “We never went to the moon: America’s 30 billion dollar swindle”. The book was published by Bill Kaysing in 1976. Bill Kaysing was a senior technical writer at Rocketdyne, the company which built the engines for the legendary Saturn V rocket. He simply claimed that NASA did not have the technology to go to the Moon and that all of the Apollo missions were a hoax. He is sometimes regarded as the founder of the Moon landing conspiracy.

His arguments against the moon landings include the absence of stars in the Moon Landing photos, optical anomalies in the photographs taken on the moon, absence of Blast craters due to landing of the module and the formation of dust clouds upon landing.

Capricorn one (1978):

After Bill Kaysing and his book, a movie named “Capricorn one”, released in 1978 gave another boost to the conspiracy theory. The movie showed that the government and a landing crew had to fake a supposed Mars landing after an initial attempt failed. See the Image below.

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Diamonds are forever (1971):

This movie was released before Bill Kaysing’s famous book and just 2 years after the Moon landigs. Movies like these in Hollywood are also to take the blame for the spread of this conspiracy

This is “diamonds are forever (James bond)”, released in 1971. In an action scene, James Bond, the famous spy, stumbles upon a movie studio where we can see two men in spacesuits being filmed by a movie crew. The Moon landings were being faked. The scene is shown in the image below.

In These Movies, The Apollo 11 Moon Landing Never Happened

Fox Television’s “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?” (2001)

This documentary claimed that NASA faked the Moon landings to win the Space Race. It sparked public interest in the conspiracy and was viewed by more than 15 million people. The Fox documentary widely promoted the conspiracy.

Debunking conspiracy arguments

Even though NASA has published multiple proofs for the moon landing (Including an image of the Lunar Module on the moon which was taken by a satellite orbiting the Moon), conspiracy theorists continue to deny reality.

This article is part one of two. In the next article, we will look at some of the famous arguments that are continuously put forth by conspiracy theorists and try to explain/debunk them.

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