Turn to the sky from your home in June 2020- the best astronomical events

Penumbral Lunar eclipse – June 5, 2020

On June 5, the Sun, Earth and Moon will perfectly align with each other. the Lunar eclipse will last a long 3 hours 18 minutes. the eclipse will begin at 11:15 pm (Indian Standard time) and end at 2:34 am. the Earth’s Shadow, also known as penumbra will be darkest at 12:55 am.

Occultation – June 19, 2020

The Moon will Occult (pass in front of) Venus on June 19. Venus will disappear behind a crescent moon and reappear approximately an hour later. (timing updates will be made later)

Summer solstice- June 21

The June 21 Summer Solstice is the longest day of 2020 (for the northern hemisphere). on June 21, the north pole will be at its maximum tilt towards the sun. Due to this, the Northern Hemisphere will receive the greatest amount of sunlight on that day.

Annular Solar Eclipse – June 21

A solar eclipse happens when the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned with each other. This Solar eclipse is an Annular Solar eclipse. In this kind of Solar Eclipse, the sun is not completely covered by the moon. The Sun’s outer edges remain uncovered and appear to look as a “ring of fire”, as it is called.

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