Traversing to Type 1 Civilization

Traversing to Type 1 Civilization
Traversing to Type 1 Civilization

We have advanced a lot in terms of technology when compared to a time 100 years ago. Our goal is to transit to Type 1 civilization before the end of 21st century. Scientists have claimed that transiting to type 1 will be challenging as we will have to face and overcome factors that can probably lead to our extinction. few examples are global warming, nuclear war. But leaving all that behind, what are the parameters that decide whether a civilization is Type 1. According to the Kardashev scale a Type 1 civilization utilizes all the energy of the sunlight that falls on earth.

There are basically 4 milestones that we need to achieve in order to be considered a Type 1:

1. We start to use satellites to collect the sun’s energy 24/7 and provide regular and free limitless supply of solar energy. This was mentioned by Michio Kaku in his book “The Future of Humanity”.

2. When we use automated rockets and robots which will travel to space for the assembly of space stations and satellites.

3. Space elevator will be the next level for space exploration.

4. Nanotechnology will be a revolutionary technology as it will help in developing every field of science.

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