The Starmaker
The Starmaker

Olaf Stapledon proposed the existence of a divine being that controls the laws of the cosmos, dubbed “The Starmaker”.

He perceives the universe as a toy which he controls and plays with. Olaf Stapledon quoted “ Each cosmos was itself gifted with its own peculiar time, in such a manner that the whole sequence of events with any single cosmos could be viewed by the Starmaker not only from within cosmical time itself but also externally, from the time proper to his own life, with all the cosmological epochs co-existing together.”

As we are bounded by time and unable to master the fabric of space, there is a huge possibility that there exists a universe possessing completely different laws of physics, with no time, no space and maybe even no gravity. In a parallel universe there exists a doppelgänger who might be playing a completely different character, for example in this Earth 1 you are the one reading this but in Earth 2 you can be the one publishing this. So, you never know what is gonna happen, how many doppelgängers exist. Is there a chance of you meeting your doppelgänger? There is a possibility of contact between two beings of different dimensions just like in the movie “Cloverfield Paradox”. 

Now the question comes, what laws of physics govern the working of the world of the Starmaker itself? Is there a creator of the Starmaker – the Starmaker of the Starmaker? And then, is there a Starmaker of the Starmaker of the Starmaker? This goes on endlessly, a never ending question or to say a Paradox of the Starmaker.

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