The Great GRB Wall
The Great GRB Wall


The Great Gamma Ray Burst Wall, also known as The Great Herculess- Corona Borealis GRB Wall, is the largest known structure in the universe. It isn’t a star, galaxy or any celestial mass but a huge group of galaxies forming a gigantesque sheet like pattern. It is a sort of galactic filament consisting of vast group of galaxies bounded by gravity. Talking about its dimensions, it is 10 billion light years long, 7.2 billion light years wide and 1 billion light years thick, consisting of 20 constellations.

Dimensions of the structure

 It is located 7 billion light years away from our galaxy. It spans the area of sky more than 70 times the diameter of the moon does! Its diameter is 1/9(10.7%) of the observable universe. It is 10 billion light years away in the constellation of Hercules and Corona Borealis. It was discovered in 2013 while mapping gamma rays bursts which are capable enough for finding the denser part of the universe and that’s the reason behind these gigantic celestial masses being called as “The Great GRB Wall.” It is expected that this elephantine celestial body was formed after 4 billion years after the big bang. It is the largest known formation till date, exceeding the size of the former huge mass LQG (Large quasar group) by two times.

Why astronomers feel this structure cannot be possible

It is so big that the astronomers feel that it shouldn’t exist. The structure violates almost all the theories about the evolution of the universe. As it is known, the structure is 10 billion light years away which implies that back at that time universe was only 13.8 billion years old and as suggested by the cosmologists this span is extremely short for the formation of such a massive celestial body.

It further violates the theory proposed by Albert Einstein generally known as ‘cosmological principle’, which states that the entire universe is almost equal and any two regions irrespective of the distance b/w them will look similar. Another proposition of this theory is that the size of structure shouldn’t exceed the 1.2 billion light years limit, however this massive structure does! Even the discoverer, ‘Istvan Horvath’ is clueless about its formation. Well, as of now, the presence of this enormous structure is nothing but an unsolved mystery.

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