The Big Rip
The Big Rip

By the time you read this sentence, the universe will expand exponentially. The vastness of the universe cannot be imagined. For now, all we know is that the observable universe has a diameter of 93.016 billion light-years. At the edge of the observable universe, space is expanding faster than the speed of light.

In 2011, a theory was put forward by Saul Perlmutter, Brian Schmidt and Adam Riess which explained the fate of the universe. The theory is known as the Big Rip. It was based on research work done on a Supernova in a faraway Galaxy which had a constant brightness. The distance to this supernova could be easily measured. The results where breathtaking. They they found that it was moving away at a faster and faster rate. The supernova was accelerating away from Earth.

concluding from their findings, it was hypothesized that after billions of years, the expansion rate will be so high in all direction that all the galaxies will vanish from our view. All the galaxies will literally disappear and not be visible from Earth. The temperature of the universe will decline rapidly and reach almost absolute zero. In the next few trillion years, the expansion of space will be so great on small distances that it will cause galaxies to rip apart. slowly the stars will die, the planets will be ripped and later even the atoms. In the end, even the very fabric of space-time might be torn apart.

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