On exploring the ether of space, we come across things that we could barely have imagined. Mystery is what our universe is composed of and now on this voyage, we have encountered another creation of the universe, “Strange Matter”.

When a Star bursts into a Supernova and its gravitational pull has not totally overpowered the star, it results into a Neutron Star. The core of Neutron Stars have such great pressure inside them that the electron degeneracy pressure is surpassed (the electrons collapse into the protons in the centre and form neutrons). Later the neutrons inside the star are reduced to strange quarks- a type of quark. These quarks together formulate into Strange Matter- the indestructible and most tumultuous entity. It expands within the Star and converts the Star into a Strange Star (made of strange matter). The star will look the same as a Neutron Star as this strange matter grows in the inside. Any matter that collides with Strange Matter, will be converted to strange matter.

A chunk of strange matter is called a strangelet. If a strangelet hits a planet, it will soon be converted to Strange Matter. It is a weapon of absolute vandalism but chances are very slim that it will ever hit a planet due to the vastness of the cosmos. There are chances that Strange Matter might had come into existence at the very beginning of Universe due to the extreme conditions in the universe after the Big Bang.

There are questions that can be solved when fully understand strange matter, but before that, there are many to be retorted like: What happens when strange matter collides with a black hole? Will it form a strange black hole? Do strange galaxies exist? 

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