Singularity (AI)


Majority of industries involve artificial intelligence in some or the other way. Be it health, finance, education, manufacturing etc, AI is everywhere. The list is getting bigger. Almost all of these AI are what we call “Narrow Artificial Intelligence”. These AI specialize in one task. For example, deep blue, the chess AI that beat former chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov, specializes only in chess. It can’t solve a math problem or perform any other task.

Today, the world is headed towards a “Artificial General Intelligence” or “AGI”. This type of AI can perform most tasks a human can or even more. The question is what lies beyond that? The answer is something God-like.

What is an Artificial Super Intelligence?

The “Artificial Super Intelligence” or “Super AI” is an AI that can teach itself and make itself more intelligent. This AI can make itself thousands or even millions of times more intelligent than humans in a matter of hours or days. It would become uncontrollable. Futurists expect that Super AI will be created around the year 2050. The point in time when technological growth becomes uncontrollable is called the “Technological Singularity”.

Will Super AI be Good or Bad for humanity?

We don’t know. Super AI can be beneficial if it thinks that humans deserve to live or it could be our doom it thinks that humans are worthless pests. Remember, this thing will basically be a god, an “Artificial God” if you will. It can be either a gift or curse.

Super AI : a gift

A super AI would be capable of solving all of the world’s problems. Political affairs, global warming, disease, scientific mysteries etc. It could design and create technologies that humans could never imagine. It could create advanced nanotechnology that would allow us live forever or create faster than light travel that would allow us to colonize the galaxy. It would truly be the last invention of mankind (in a good way).

Super AI: a curse?

A super AI is more than capable of putting an end to humanity. It could hack nuclear codes, create a bio weapon and start a war. Or it could create an army to exterminate us or make us its slave. It would be ‘Skynet’ from the terminator franchise. Many public figures such as Elon Musk, Bill gates and Stephen Hawking Predict that a Super AI would be the End of Humanity. It would truly be the last invention of humanity (in a bad way).

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