Quantum Consciousness


How am I capable to know that I am I? How can I detect that red color in a nick of time?  All these questions regarding consciousness can create a fuss in your mind. Understanding human consciousness is one of the colossal mysteries of this our existence. Nobody understands the exact mechanism of consciousness. Vaguely, it can be expressed as a byproduct of numerous computations. But in this world of precise theories, no one is interested in vague theories. Since classical mechanics has failed to explain consciousness, this perennial puzzle has evoked physicist to link consciousness with quantum mechanics. This has led to the creation of a concept called Quantum Consciousness.

Double-Slit experiment and consciousness

Quantum consciousness states that quantum phenomena such as entanglement, superposition holds the key to human consciousness. The most popular infringement of mind into the quantum world comes from the double slit experiment. This experiment involves shining a beam of light at a screen consisting of two close parallel slits. The implication of this seems to be that each particle passes simultaneously through both slits. This is because the particle interferes with itself, causing the superposition state. There are certain structures called ‘microtubules’ in our brain that are able to alter their state. This happens because of some vibrations adopting a superposition state just like the particles in double slit experiment. But then the problem is that superposition is an extremely fragile phenomena. Even the slightest disturbance will end up ruining the thing.

Quantum spin and consciousness

In order to explain quantum consciousness , the quantum phenomena has been applied to the atomic nuclei. Since our brain is composed of atoms and atoms follow the quantum rules. All the atomic nuclei have the property of spin. The higher the spin, the greater is the interaction b/w electric and magnetic fields.

The phosphorous nucleus with a spin of ½ is very common in the human brain. It is a highly active participant of all the biochemical reactions. So, if the quantum processing is occurring in the brain, then phosphorous’s nuclear spin is the reason. The coherence time of a phosphorous molecule was found to be around 10^5 seconds. This is equal to the span of a day. After examining a calcium phosphate structure (posner) in the body as our body has ample of calcium phosphate. Theoretically at least two phosphate ions should be quantum entangled and when these phosphate ions are released in a fluid, they combine with calcium ions to form posner molecules. If this assumption is proved correct, the brain’s extracellular fluid could be filled with complex clusters of highly entangled posner molecules leading to the phenomena of quantum consciousness.

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