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  • New topic added to the final round- Space exploration
  • Registration for the final round has started for participants that qualified. Click here to learn about the registration process.
  • Qualification round has ended
  • Model questions now available!
  • The exam will be held from 7:00 PM to 7:10 pm IST on January 3
  • Registration has ended
  • The last date to register: 5:00 pm (IST), January 3

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About PSQC

The Physics Speed Quiz Competition (PSQC) is a quiz competition that tests general and fact-based knowledge on physics. PSQC will be held twice a year at a gap of 6 months. PSQC21-1, which is scheduled in the month of January, is the first of two PSQCs to be held for the year 2021.

This is a double round competition- Qualification Round and Final Round. What makes this competition unique is that participants will be awarded bonus points for the speed with which they complete the questions. This means that the faster one solves the test, the more points they will be awarded- learn more about this in the “Final Round” section.

Who can participate in PSQC21? Everybody! There are no age or location restrictions. The only things required to participate is a phone/laptop/tablet and an internet connection.

Structure of PSQC

PSQC will comprise of two rounds, namely, the Qualification Round and the Final Round. The Qualification Round is free of cost, but, a fee will be charged for participation in the Final Round. No certificates or awards will be given to Qualification Round participants.

Qualification Round

The Qualification Round will mostly comprise fact-based questions. Participants will have to solve 20 questions, of 2 points each in a span of 10 minutes. There is no participation fee. You can register for the qualification round here. No certificates or awards will be presented to participants of this round.

Date: 3rd January 2021

Time: 7:00 pm to 7:10 pm IST

Syllabus: Classical mechanics, Astronomy, Quantum Physics, Relativistic physics, particle physics and other related topics.


  • Total points being awarded for the questions: 2 x 20 = 40
  • Maximum Bonus points that may be awarded: 0
  • Total points in the Qualification Round: = 40

Qualification: There is NO cutoff. You will be judged relative to the performance of all the participants. Just give it your best!

Final Round

The final round is going to be the fun one. This round will be slightly more challenging as participants have to solve a lot more questions in a short amount of time. Participants will have 10 minutes to solve 30 questions (25 MCQs+5 Non- MCQs).

Participants of the Final Round WILL be awarded a certificate from physeeks. Top participants will also be awarded cash prizes.

As cash prizes will be awarded, we will charge a participation fee for the Final Round. We charge a fee is required to fund the competition (advertising) and cash prizes (amount TBA).

Date: 17th January 2021; Time: 7:00 pm IST

Syllabus: Same as Qualification Round+ string theory


  • Total points being awarded for the questions: 2 x 30 = 60
  • Maximum Bonus points that may be awarded: 17
  • Total points in the final round: 17+60 = 77
  • What if two people score the same?: If two participants score the same, their scores from the qualification round will also be added.

The twist: As this is a “speed quiz”, participants will be awarded bonus points for speed- in addition to being awarded points for getting the questions right, participants will be awarded bonus points for the period of time in which they submit the test. The earlier a participant finishes the test, the more points they get.

How does the bonus point system work?

Participants will be awarded bonus points when they submit the paper within 5 minutes of the test start time. Bonus points will be awarded ONLY if participants attempt at least 75% of the questions on the test- 23/30 questions. If a participant attempts less than 75% of the questions, no bonus points will be awarded to them. (Note: it is NOT necessary to answer the 75% of the questions correctly)

Scoring scheme (finalized):

Time taken to submitTime of submission (IST)Bonus points awarded
< 2 minutesbefore 7:02:0017
2-2.5 minutes7:02:01- 7:02:3011
2.5-3 minutes7:02:31- 7:03:009
3-4 minutes7:03:01- 7:04:007
4-5 minutes7:04:01- 7:05:005
5+ minutesafter 7:05:000


A total cash award of 8,000 INR will be distributed among top 3 participants as follows-

RankCash award
13500 INR
22500 INR
32000 INR

Optional: Top 3 participants will also be mentioned in a story on our official  Instagram page (@physeeks_made_simple).

Only participants of the Final Round will be awarded a “Certificate of Participation”. No certificate of participation will be awarded to Qualification Round participants.

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  1. Does Qualification Round of PSQC-2021 also have bonus points for early submission or is it only for the Final Round?

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