This is your chance to show-off your programming skills by creating simple, fun ,and innovative games using python!

Find all details relevant to the competition on this page.

Registration Deadline: February 1, 2022

Submission form opens: February 2, 2022

Submission form closes: February 20, 2022



Q. Who can register?

People aged between 12 and 24 can register for the competition. People from all countries are free to register for the competition. 

There are two age groups in PGWC22:

a. 12-18 

b. 19-24 

Participants will fall into one of the above groups based on how old they are on the day of registration.


Q. Is there a fee?

Yes. The participation fee is 499 INR  for Indian participants and 7.99 USD for International participants.

The registration form for Indian and International participants is seperate.



Participants must adhere to the rules/regulations below. The rules are short and simple and participants have the freedom to do anything till they follow the following rules:


1. The whole code must be written in python.

2. Your code cannot exceed 5000 characters. Participants will be penalised if the limit is exceeded.

3. There is no “theme” or specific type of game that participants are required to make. It can be as simple as a fun quiz game or it can be an arcade game. Get as creative and imaginative as you can. 

4. This is an individual competition. Participants have to work on the code on their own.

5. DO NOT copy-paste code from the internet. A participant found guilty of plagiarism will be disqualified. 

Points System

Games will be judged based on the following:

1. Entertainment: How fun the game is to play

2. Production Quality: How good the game looks/feels (graphics, music, etc)

3. Creativity: How unique or creative the game is.


Each of the above will be scored out of 10. Maximum possible points is 30.

Certificates and Prizes


All participants that register AND submit a code will get a certificate of participation. Disqualified participants will not get a CoP.

Cash Prizes:

There will be 4 cash prizes for this competition. Winner and runner-up from both categories will be awarded cash prizes. Amount will be announced soon.


For queries, email us on [email protected] or message us on our official Instagram page