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IMC21 Round 3 Questions and Solutions

IMC21 Round 2 Questions and Solutions

International Math Championship 2021 (IMC21) will be held for the first time in May 2021. For queries, leave a comment down below or DM us on our official Instagram page or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Latest Updates

  • R3 UPDATE: R3 will be held on 23rd of May from  5:30 PM IST and end at 6:15 pm (45 minute period) instead of starting at 7:00 pm and ending at 7:45 pm.
  • Round 3 Registration has started
  • Round 2 has ended
  • Participation fee for R3 has been raised from 175 INR to 199 INR for Indian participants and from 2 USD to 3 USD for International participants.
  • Physeeks will accept R3 registration fee in cryptocurrency!
  • Cash prize awards have been announced! Scroll down to see
  • Round 1 has ended.
  • The link to the test will be posted on this page at 11:59 am IST. It will be available on this page till 11:59 pm IST. Participants will have a 1-hour time limit after the start of the exam.
  • IMPORTANT: A new provisional syllabus table with reduced rounds and revised fee structure has been posted. Check it out now!
  • Due to high demand for reduced rounds, the IMC will now have 3 rounds. There will also be some changes in the topics and fee structure. Updates will be made to the page in few days.
  • Registration has started! Click here to register now. NOTE: Registration is not required but recommended so that you receive the latest updates and reminders for the competition.

About IMC21

The International Math Championship is a three-round quiz competition that tests knowledge and problem-solving skills on various topics of Mathematics. IMC will be held once every year between April and July.

This is a 3 round competition. Each Round will test a different domain of mathematics. Some participants will be eliminated after each round. The final score will be the sum of all points received in each round.


Who can participate?

Everybody! There are no age or location restrictions.

What is required to participate?

The only things required to participate is a phone/laptop/tablet and an internet connection.

What platform will be used for the test?

IMC21 is an online test and will be held on google forms.

What level of knowledge is recommended?

Although there are no age and level of education restrictions, we recommend minimum high school math knowledge to be competitive in IMC21.

How/where to register?

Registration forms are available here.

Deadline to register?

6:00 PM IST, 8th May 2021

Is registration required?

Registration for Round 1 is NOT required but recommended if you want to receive competition updates, changes and reminders. Registration is compulsory for round 2 and beyond.

Structure of IMC21

IMC21 is divided into 3 rounds. Each will test a different topics from math.

The table provided below is a brief summary of each round.

Finalized syllabus

RoundTopic TestedDateParticipation Fee (India)Participation Fee (International)
Round 1Vectors, probability, Matrices9th May 20210 INR0 USD
Round 2Geometry (1D, 2D, 3D geometry), Trigonometry and its applications, inverse trigonometry16 May 2021299 INR5 USD
Round 3Calculus and its applications (Integrals, Differentials, and DE)23 May 2021199 INR3 USD

NOTE: the above table is subject to change.

Each Round has 15 questions (Five basic, intermediate, and advanced questions each) and are worth 30 points (1×5 + 2×5 + 3×5). Participants will be ranked based on the sum of their scores from all rounds. The maximum points that can be awarded are 90.

To be eligible to participate in the next round, participants must qualify the previous round. There is NO pre-decided cutoff. We will set a cutoff after we analyze the performance of all the participants.

More FAQs

Who will be given preference in ranking if two participants score equal points?

If cumulative scores are equal, preference will be given to the participant with the higher score in the final round. If the final round scores are the same, preference will be given to the participant with higher second round score. If that is also same, preference will be given to the participant with a lower level of education. If the education level is the same, the younger participant will be given preference.

Why do we charge a participation fee?

The participation fee is necessary for funding of the competition- advertisement costs and cash prizes.

Why are we charging separate fees for the three paid rounds?

To make the competition more affordable, we will not charge the full fee in one installment. We have divided the fee among the three rounds. This so that if someone has qualified for the first round and wants to participate in the second round to obtain a certificate, he/she will have to pay only 299 INR /5 USD instead of the 474 INR/ 7 USD total fee. They can exit the competition after the second round with the certificate. Certificates will be awarded only after all three rounds are complete.

Prizes and Certificates

Participants of round 2 and above will receive certificates. You will be awarded ONLY ONE certificate for the competition, and not one for each round.

Top few participants of the Round 3 will be awarded cash prizes. For IMC21, we will award 10,000 INR worth of cash prizes to 5 participants. The amount will be distributed as follows:

14,000 INR
22,000 INR
31,750 INR
41,250 INR
51,000 INR


  1. There are no awards/certificates for Round 1 participants.
  2. Qualifying for Round 2 is not enough to be awarded certificate. You must register and attempt Round 2 to receive certificates

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      The participation fee for Round 2 and 3 is 299 INR and 175 INR respectively for Indian participants. It is 5 and 2 USD for International participants.

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