Jeff Bezos Flies to Space Today! Here are the Details

Jeff Bezos and New Shepard

Jeff Bezos, tthe former CEO of Amazon and Founder of space exploration company Blue Origin on is set to take off to space today!

Bezos’ flight is scheduled nine days after Virgin Galactic founder, Richard Branson’s historic spaceflight. As a result, Branson became the first billionaire in space- Bezos to be second.

The Crew:

The flight will seat a crew of four. Bezos will fly with his Brother, Mark Bezos, 82-year old Wally Funk and an 18-year old Teenager, Oliver Daemen.

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Flight Details:

Jeff Bezos Spaceflight plan

The flight will launch from the desert plains of West Texas. Blue Origin will use the New Shepard launch vehicle to fly the crew to an altitude of 100 kilometres (beyond the Karman line). The flight will take-off at 9 am EDT (6:30 pm IST).

About the New Shepard

Blue Origin built the New Shepard to transport astronauts and research payloads beyond the Karman Line using the New Shepard. The New Shepard is a fully autonomous reusable rocket. It can land and take-off Vertically- similar to SpaceX’s Falcon 9. New Shepard is capable of carrying a crew of six passengers.

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New World Records

Blue Origin’s first crewed flight will break multiple world records.

  1. The first unpiloted Space launch
  2. Oldest person in space- 82 year-old Wally funk. Record currently held by John Glenn, who flew to space at 77.
  3. Youngest person in space- 18-year old Oliver Daemen.

How to Watch?

There will be no in-person attendance for the launch. The live coverage will start at 7:30 am EDT (5:00 pm IST) on blue

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