Japanese Scientists use AI to reveal the True Shape of the Universe. Are our accepted Models Wrong?

Japanese scientists have made a breakthrough! They have devised an amazing technique to measure the true shape of the universe. The scientists used Artificial Intelligence (AI), to remove “noise” in astronomical data that are caused by variations in the shapes of galaxies.

Scientists used Supercomputers to run simulations using large mock data. After testing the AI using mock data, they performed the same on real data obtained from Space by various ground and space instruments and telescopes.

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How did they achieve this?

Today’s methods are not capable of removing “noise” found in astronomical data. To avoid this “noise” the team of Japanese scientists used the world’s most advanced astronomy supercomputer, the ATERUI II. To test the AI they developed, they used real data from the Subaru Telescope to generate 25,000 mock galaxies.

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What exactly is “Noise”?

Astronomical “Noise” is caused by distortion of space by gravity. All data collected from space may be affected by the phenomenon of gravitational lensing. Lensing is caused when light from distant galaxies pass through huge gravitational fields- eg: galaxy clusters. Due to this, the data is in a way “manipulated”- It is difficult to determine the shape, size and distance of the galaxy behind.

With this knowledge, scientists added noise to the mock data sets to train the AI to recover lensing affected data from the mock data.

What was the Result?

The real world test yielded great outcome- the results were found to be consistent with accepted models of the Universe!

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