Helium Hydride
Helium Hydride

BOOM!!! Have you ever thought that this was the first sound our universe made? You can imagine the power of the sound it would had produced when it started to expand from zero to almost infinitely vast. But, an even more interesting thought is that if everything is made out of atoms and molecules then what was the first atom or molecule that came into existence?

The First Atom and Molecule

Scientists have speculated that a few seconds after the Big Bang, the universe was filled with plasma. When the universe cooled later on, one of the first atoms to form was hydrogen. this was followed by helium. These two atoms formed clouds which reacted with each other to form the first compound, Helium Hydride.

Does it exist today?

In 1925. scientists formed Helium Hydride in artificial conditions. It was made in very low quantity because it is highly reactive and is the most unstable compound. The could not be stored easily due to its unstable nature . In 2019, Helium Hydride was discovered by NASA and their partner German Space Center. They found the compound exactly where they expected it to be using the telescope, “SOFIA” . It was found in the Nebula NGC 7027, which is located many light-years away from us. The galaxy’s extreme conditions allowed Helium Hydride to form there.

Interesting Fact

All this time, the article has talked about the reactivity of the helium Hydride compund. Interestingly. this compound is one of the or even the most powerful acid in the universe.

These discoveries help us prove that our prediction of the early universe is truet. . Helium hydride could help us reach those points which were once thought to be the beyond our wildest dreams.

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