“Are we alone in the Universe?”

“Is there a civilization so advanced that there power can be compared with that of the Starmaker?”

Both the thoughts are equally disturbing, but, is there even a small chance that somewhere out in the Cosmos exists a “Cosmic Empire”, that has solved the mystery of our existence? Is it even possible? Are they a Type I, a Type II, a Type III or beyond?

None of the types above are smart enough to solve the mystery of our existence or to find that Cosmic Being who creates entire Universes, “The Starmaker”.  

Basically, a Type IV Civilization can use Dark Matter and Dark Energy to fulfill its energy needs and also has the power to reverse the Big Rip which is thought to be the Doom of the Universe. They might yank energy from other levels of existence and create a doorway to new mysteries. Creating Wormholes would be a piece of cake as they would have manipulated antimatter which they can use to produce enormous amount of energy to rip the fabric of space-time. All the things we can barely imagine, will be possible when we advance to Type IV- Warp Drive, Alcubierre Drive and finally, exceeding The Speed of light.

Answer to the very question that “Who created the Universe?” is still not known, but is there a little possibility that the Type IV civilization would have unlocked the secrets of the Origin of the Universe.

The Type IV civilization must have advanced to such a level that they have achieved the power of creating their own universe or a Mini Universe in their lab. A totally disturbing and at the same time fascinating thought strikes that what if, our descendants grew smart enough to create a cosmos and they realized that they have the power to create universes and they are the reason for our existence. It is possible that we humans evolved to become Type IV civilization and created a Universe in the past so that we gave birth to ourself, like the bootstrap paradox that explains the reason of existence of a wormhole in the movie “Interstellar”.

We don’t know where we stand, what our powers are and what our limits are but maybe a Type IV might not have any strings attached. We will reach the point, which people today say is beyond science. Everything is in the confinements of science and nothing is beyond it. We didn’t rise out of sheer nothingness! We might someday evolve to Type IV and create our own Cosmic Empire.

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