Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Reversed!- Claims Chinese Researcher

Li Zifeng, a researcher at Yanshan University located in North China’s Hebei Province, who specialises in petroleum and gas drilling, and production engineering, claims to have reversed Einstein’s theory of relativity.

His research paper, “Adherence to the materialist space-time view of mass and energy and developing Newtonian Physics”, concluded that he had reversed relativity. The paper was also recommended for the science and technology award that has stirred concern and controversy on the internet.

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Li has been engaged in this research since 2000. He believes that Einstein’s theories have not been tested in a practical way and put forward arguments in a paper published in 2008.

He also claimed to have discovered issues in the derivation of the theory of relativity during a university physics lecture.

Many have questioned Li’s academic background and credibility on the subject. Some even compared his physics research to a Physical Ed teacher solving math.

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Li has many award-winning papers. All of them are related to petroleum, gas drilling and production. None on physics or relativity…

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