Death Dive into a Black Hole

Black holes are one of the most enthralling celestial objects in the universe. They are so heavy that their gravitational pull even overwhelms the agility of the photons of light.

But what will happen if you fall into one? What will you experience and will you survive? Let’s see what happens…

Imagine that some fine day you are suddenly transported to the black hole in the heart of our galaxy- Sagittarius A- which has a mass of 4 million suns. As you approach this black hole, there are two things that you will experience.

Who Made Spaghetti?

First, your body starts to stretch. Considering that the atoms of your body don’t rip apart you will stretch more and more as you get closer and closer to the dark sphere. You literally get spaghettified. This happens because there is a huge difference in gravity at your head and at your toe. At one point the difference in gravitational pull at extremely small distances also get very large causing you to be disintegrated into the most fundamental units that make up your body- atoms. Painful huh? This process is known as spaghettification.

Time Freeze

According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, the closer one is to a gravitational object, slower the time will elapse. this is true even for the Earth and has been experimentally tested with atomic clocks.

As you approached the black hole, time will start to slow down for you. As you’re just above the event horizon, time will almost freeze! To someone viewing you from a safe distance, you will appear to be frozen forever. You will observe the whole future of the universe unfold before your eyes. in the end, you will be the last living organism in a lonely and dying universe…..

So the conclusion is that you die a very bad death. So let’s hope nobody has to ever be in a situation like this and let this hypothetical experiment be hypothetical.

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