Dark Galaxies
Dark Galaxies

Dark matter and dark energy which seems to occupy 95 per cent of the universe are yet the most anonymous to clasp. Scientists have even claimed, that there are Galaxies in our Universe which are solely fabricated with Dark Matter. But, we can’t foresee the structure of the galaxy as it will emit an incredibly insignificant amount of light which makes it difficult to clench information from those galaxies. Scientists have successfully found a galaxy which completely fits in the criteria of being a Dark Galaxy “Dragonfly 44”.

Dragonfly 44 has a mass almost equal to that of Milky Way galaxy, but it emits just 1% of the light emitted by our galaxy. Scientists even say that there is no proof of rotation in the Dragonfly 44. There can be many more mysteries to be revealed about such galaxies and it will be possible only when we gather more knowledge about dark matter and dark energy. As scientists say that it is even possible that there is no such thing as a dark galaxy. It can just be a newly born galaxy, which is growing, but then there are facts that soars question that, how it is so massive and not rotating?

The odds are very slim that we can amass the knowledge of dark matter and dark energy within the next century, but when we do there are chances of clasping a new source of energy or maybe a new place to terraform and keep ajar new mysteries of the universe.

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