Motion- Grade 9- Memeified Course

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Physeeks has designed this course after months of research and planning, to help students develop a deep foundational understanding of Motion.

Why is this course the most effective way of learning:

  1. Today’s students have a shorter attention span and don’t enjoy reading long boring paragraphs. Therefore, Physeeks has eliminated the use of any unnecessary  text that would had otherwise made this course long and boring. The language in this course is short, easy to understand, and to the point.
  2. Use of memes: Today’s generation loves memes- this is why they keep scrolling through social media for hours. And now, Physeeks is using them to teach students science! Each lesson/topic has at least 1 famous or originally created meme. That meme is then used to understand the topic being discussed. The use of memes keep the students engaged in learning for a longer period of time, and also makes it much easier to understand a concept.

The use of short and to the point text, and, fun memes to keep students engaged and easily understand concepts make this course the most effective way of learning.



Topics for this course

10 Lessons3h

1. Rest and Motion

1.1. Introduction
1.2 Relative Rest and Motion

2. Distance and Displacement

3. Motion- Basics Concepts

4. Motion- Equations and their Derivation

5. Full Course Revision/Summary

6. Final Quiz

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  • Pre-requisite for this course is basic algebra.

Target Audience

  • This course is for grade 9 students of CBSE board. This Memeified course is an excellent and fun way of learning/revising the topic.