Chronon- the quantum of time


The quantization of time is a very deep and interesting idea. But, what does it mean? “Quantization” of time means that time exists or is available only in discreet or fixed amounts. For example, let the smallest possible unit of time be t which is equal to 1 second. If time is quantized, it can only exist in integer multiples of t– 1 second, 2 second, 3 seconds and so on. mathematically this can be represented as nt where n= (1,2,3…). This means fractional/decimal values such as 0.5 seconds or 3.8 seconds cannot exist.

Why is it necessary to quantize time?

Time is assumed to be a continuous unit in all of physics. But, many physicists feel that using a quantum theory of time can make it simpler to unite quantum physics and general relativity. The unification of these two pillars of modern physics important to find the “Theory of Everything”- the answer to “everything” in the universe.

The “Chronon”

The “Chronon” was one proposed quantum of time. This term was introduced by Robert Levi in 1927. In 1950, it was suggested that the chronon might be the time taken for light to travel the classical radius of the electron (approximately 2.81 x 10^(-15) m). The value of the chronon was calculated to be equal to 6.27×10−24 seconds, an infinitesimal value relative to every day time durations.

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