Elimination round

2020 Elimination Round questions and solutions

Elimination round:

The Elimination round will be conducted using google forms on October 10. The Elimination round will contain a total of 25 questions (25 MCQ type questions and 5 Non-MCQ type questions). The 25 questions will include 5 basic-level questions (1 point each), 15 intermediate-level questions (2 point each), and 5 advanced-level questions (3 point each). All 25 questions are to be completed within the given time slot of 1-hour duration. There is no negative marking for wrong answers so feel free to guess.

Syllabus for Elimination round:

Topics include:

  • General physics (Classical/Newtonian mechanics)
  • Basic Astronomy (General knowledge, Stars, galaxies, constellations etc),
  • Stellar physics (Physics of the stars),
  • Particle physics (Basic knowledge on the “Standard Model of elementary particle physics” is recommended for this topic),
  • Relativistic physics (Special theory of relativity)

Points and Rules for elimination round:

1. Your response must be submitted before 8 pm IST. We will not accept responses after that time.

2 Collaboration with peers and use of internet for references IS allowed

3. Use your registered email ID to access the quiz. Responses from unregistered email IDs will not be considered for evaluation.

How will participants be evaluated?

Elimination Round:

Participants will be evaluated based on two factors:

  1. Points scored in Elimination round: The more you score, the better are your chances of qualifying. Though we announced that there is no cutoff, we will set a qualifying barrier based on the performance of all the participants.
  2. Current/Highest level of education: We know that our participants are of various age groups and have different levels of education. Therefore, few might find it easier to solve the questions than others. We will set the qualifying barrier slightly lower for students hose current level of education is high school.

-:Competition Platform and Timings:-

The Elimination round will be conducted using google forms. The quiz paper will be sent to registered participants on their provided email. Quiz responses from Email IDs other than those which are registered will not be accepted.