Annual International Astronomy and Physics Competition 2020

Latest updates on AIAPC20:

  • AIAPC20 has ended

-:About the competition:- is one of the fastest growing physics and science websites on the internet. set out with the goal of providing simple and short explanations to some of the most complex ideas in physics. Our next goal was to allow the public to directly engage with thinking, solving and learning physics. This is what we wish to achieve with AIAPC. is hosting the Annual International Astronomy and Physics Competition (AIAPC) for the first time in 2020. The competition aims at testing and developing knowledge and interest in physics among the general populace. The competition will be challenging as well as fun at the same time. The solutions/explanations for each problem will be released after the competition is done allowing participants to learn from there mistakes or learn something completely new!

The competition will be divided into two rounds: Elimination and Advanced round. The Elimination round will be a 25 question quiz which will test a broad range of topics in physics and astronomy. It will include 20 MCQ-type and 5 Non MCQ-type questions. The advanced round will be a subjective-type. You will be given a set of 10 questions that will have to be solved and submitted in a period of 48 hours.

The competition will test knowledge in general physics and astronomy. Topics that will be tested (in both rounds) include: Basic astronomy, stellar astronomy, constellations and galaxies, general physics, relativistic physics, particle physics and more.

-:Eligibility and how to participate?:-

The competition is open to people of all age groups from anywhere around the world. People from all countries, races, religions, castes, etc are welcome to participate.

The competition includes two rounds: Elimination round and Advanced round. The Elimination Round is free of cost. . The advanced round will charge a small fee to fund the promotion/advertisement of the competition and the cash prizes.

-:Competition structure:-

1. Elimination round:

The Elimination round will be conducted using google forms on October 10. The Elimination round will contain a total of 25 questions (25 MCQ type questions and 5 Non-MCQ type questions). The 25 questions will include 5 basic-level questions (1 point each), 15 intermediate-level questions (2 point each), and 5 advanced-level questions (3 point each). All 25 questions are to be completed within the given time slot of 1-hour duration. There is no negative marking for wrong answers so feel free to guess.

Syllabus for Elimination round:

Topics include: General physics (Classical/Newtonian mechanics), Basic Astronomy (General knowledge, Stars, galaxies, constellations etc), Stellar physics (Physics of the stars), Particle physics (Basic knowledge on the “Standard Model of elementary particle physics” is recommended for this topic), Relativistic physics (Special theory of relativity)

Points and Rules for elimination round:

1. Your response must be submitted before 8 pm IST. We will not accept responses after that time.

2 Collaboration with peers and use of internet for references IS allowed

3. Use your registered email ID to access the quiz. Responses from unregistered email IDs will not be considered for evaluation,

2. Advanced Round:

Those who cleared the Elimination round will progress into the Advanced Round. A fee of 500 INR will be required to be paid to participate in this round. This is required to fund the competition and the cash prizes for the winners. The fee will be determined by the total number of participants who clear the elimination round.

But how do you clear the Elimination round and transition into the Advanced round? There is NO cutoff to clear the elimination round. You will be judged relative to the performance of all the participants.

The Advanced Round will include subjective-type questions. You will be emailed a set of 10 questions to be solved on paper and submitted to us in a time period of 48 hours. Out of the 10 questions, 2 will be basic-level, 6 will be intermediate-level and 2 will be advanced-level.

Topics that will be tested will be mostly the same as tested in the Elimination Round and more.

Points and rules for Advanced round

1. Referring the internet to understand basic concepts and terminology is allowed.

2. Submit your answers before the deadline. Submissions recieved after the deadline will not be evaluated.

3. Use registered Email IDs to send the Solutions. Solutions received from unregistered email IDs will not be considered for evaluation.

How will participants be evaluated?

Elimination Round:

Participants will be evaluated based on two factors:

  1. Points scored in Elimination round: The more you score, the better are your chances of qualifying. Though we announced that there is no cutoff, we will set a qualifying barrier based on the performance of all the participants.
  2. Current/Highest level of education: We know that our participants are of various age groups and have different levels of education. Therefore, few might find it easier to solve the questions than others. We will set the qualifying barrier slightly lower for students hose current level of education is high school.

What if two people score equally?

If two people score equally in the Elimination round, the participant with lower level of education will be given a higher rank. If the level of education is also same, age will be a deciding factor.

Advanced round

to be announced

What if two people score equally?

If two people score equally in the advanced round, we will take your elimination round scores into account.

-:Competition Platform and Timings:-

The Elimination round will be conducted using google forms. The quiz paper will be sent to registered participants on their provided email. Quiz responses from Email IDs other than those which are registered will not be accepted.

Questions for the advanced round will be emailed to those who have cleared the Elimination round. Method of submission is undecided.

The competition will be conducted on 10th October from 7 pm to 8 pm Indian Standard Time (IST). Quiz reminders will be sent to all registered participants one hour before the allotted time. Make sure to check the quiz timing in your region.

-:Prizes and Awards:-

Total- 11,000 INR to be divided among 9 winners ((NOTE: prize money is subject to change)

Top 3:

Rank 1- 3500 INR

Rank 2- 2000 INR

Rank 3- 1000 INR

2 Certificates: Special Honor Certificates, certificate of participation

Mention on our official instagram page (@physeeks_made_simple)

Rank 4-9

prize money of 750 INR each!

2 certificates: Special certificate, Certificate of Participation

Participation in Advanced round:

Receive Certificate of participation in advanced round

All participants:

Certificate of participation (You have to solve the Elimination round questions to receive this certificate)

Registration for AIAPC20 has closed

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    1. Hello Adhvesh
      Can you please specify. On which part of the competition do you need more info?
      If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the page, please feel free to do so as well.

  1. This test will help many astronomy lovers to encourage thier intrust astronomy thank you phyeeks 🙂

    1. does not matter whether you are a physics student or not. This is a place to learn and expand your horizons. We will release solutions/explanations to all the questions so that people can learn awesome concepts in physics and astronomy!

    1. Hello Akash
      the question paper will be divided into 3 levels of difficulty- basic inter and advanced. The basic questions will be easy enough for almost everybody to solve. Solving the intermediate and advanced questions will require some amount of knowledge. Participants who are studying in grade 9 and below may find it difficult. We are planning to make the qualifying barrier easier for those whose current level of education is high school as compared to those whose highest/current level of education is college.

    1. Hello Rohit
      Thank you for the question
      You will be mailed the pdf of the certificate. You can print it or download it and save it in your google drive or add it to your CV (curriculum vitae).

    1. Hello
      We had sent out mails to all the participants between 12:00 am and 12 pm October 9. If you have not received any email then we might have a wrong email or the mail we sent might have bounced. Please check your spam as well.

  2. I am a student of class 8 and I participated in AIAPC20 and scored 13/25 but I’m happy to participate the competition it’s a valuable test to know our knowledge and increase our effort to gain more and more knowledge.

  3. Hey! I just want to know how many students participated in AIAPC20?
    And how many qualified for the advanced round?

    1. Hello Sarthak
      For this year, we had 671 registered participants out of which 250 gave the test. And out of those 250, 110 qualified for advanced round.
      For AIAPC21, we intend to quadruple the amount of participants.

    1. Hello
      Thank you for contacting
      Can you please provide your registered email ID or name so that we can look into the issue?
      We don’t release marks/ranks for any of our participants. We only release ranks of prize winners.

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