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-:About the competition:- is one of the fastest growing physics and science websites on the internet. We set out with the goal of providing simple and short explanations to some of the most complex ideas in physics. Our next goal was to directly engage people in solving, learning and developing an interest in physics. This is what we wish to achieve with AIAPC.

After the success of the first AIAPC in 2020, is hosting the Annual International Astronomy and Physics Competition for a second time, in 2021. The competition aims at testing and developing knowledge and interest in physics/astronomy among the general populace. The competition will be challenging as well as fun at the same time. The solutions/explanations for each problem will be released after the competition is completed, allowing participants to learn from their mistakes or learn something completely new!

Exam dateTimingParticipation fee (India)Participation fee (Intl)
Qualifying Round10th OCT 20214-8pm IST (1 hour limit)00
Advanced Round31th OCT 20212:00 pm – 8:00 pm IST399 INR6.99 USD

Syllabus (Qualifying Round): General physics (classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics etc), astronomy.

Syllabus (Advanced Round): General physics (classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics etc), astronomy, quantum physics, nuclear physics, Special Relativity.


Cash prizes and Certificates to advanced round participants (amount to be announced on October 4)


Participation is open to people of all ages from around the world! To participate, register by filling up this form (to be available soon).

Competition Structure

1. Qualifying round: 

The Qualifying round will be conducted on October 10. It will have a 18 questions (12 MCQ type questions and 6 Non-MCQ type questions). The 18 questions will include 6 basic-level questions (1 point each), 6 intermediate-level questions (2 point each), and 6 advanced-level questions (3 point each). There is no negative marking. Total possible marks is 36.

2. Advanced Round:

Those who clear the Qualifying round will progress into the Advanced Round. A fee of 399 INR is required participate. The fee is necessary to fund the competition and the cash prizes for the winners.

The Advanced Round will include non-MCQ and subjective-type questions. We will email the participants a set of 15 questions to solve in a time period of 6 hours. Out of the 15 questions, 8 will be Non-MCQ type , and the remaining 7 will be subjective-type. Points system to be announced soon!


1. How will participants be ranked?

Participants will be ranked by their “final score” which will be the sum of scores from Quali and Advanced Round

2. What if two people score the same?

If two people score the same, the person with higher score in either Quali/Advanced Round ranks higher. If they are the same, the person with lower education level ranks higher. If those are the same, then the younger participant ranks higher. Even if age is same, the person who submits advanced round paper sooner will rank higher.

3. Where will we get our certificates?

You will get your certificate on your registered email ID.

Prizes and Awards

Just like last year, participants will receive a cash prizes and certificates.

Certificate of participation will be awarded to Advanced Round participants only.

Cash prize amount will be announced on or before 4th of October

View previous year’s cash prize winners here

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