Advancing to Type II – The Dyson Sphere

Advancing to Type II Civilization
Advancing to Type II Civilization


By the end of the 21st century we would have created many advance technologies that will allow us to harness all the energy of the Sun. The next step would be to construct a Dyson Sphere. the Dyson sphere, first proposed by physicist Freeman Dyson in 1960, is a hypothetical Megastructure that would encompass the whole sun. This object will be capable of utilizing almost all of the energy released by the sun.

Nanotechnology will be a crucial technology in the construction of a Dyson Sphere. The structure might take more than 150 years to build because the surface area of the Sun is a 109 times larger than Earth. Using all available resources on Earth would not be enough to complete this structure. therefore exploiting the resources available in the solar system will be important. Development of nano technology is also going to be a priority in order to construct the Dyson Sphere. Nanotechnology will allow us to reduce the thickness of the structure to just a few atoms wide. 

Space Stations orbiting the Sun and automated robots are expected to take part in the construction of a structure like the Dyson Sphere. The Space Stations will have to be equipped with “nanotech factories” for the regular supply of nano particles. Michio Kaku, a famous and respected theoretical physicist, proposed the idea of the construction of nano factories on the surface of the Moon. 

If we succeed in achieving the Type II status, it wont be long before we become a interstellar species. The time will come when our investments and technologies would have really paid off.

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