Advanced Round

Question paper 2020

The 2020 question paper is available now!

Solutions to the 2020 Advanced round paper available now!

Quick info on Advanced Round

Those who cleared the Elimination round will progress into the Advanced Round. This round will be held from 11:59 am to 11:59 pm Indian standard time on 25th October. You can access your question paper at any time between 11:59 am and 11:59 pm, but, you MUST submit it before 11:59 pm.

The question paper will be available on this page at 11:59 am IST on 25th October.

Participation fee

A fee of 500 INR (6.81 USD) will be required to be paid to participate in this round. This fee is required to fund the promotion and cash prizes of the competition and is NOT negotiable.

Your funding will also help us improve our website and improve your experience for next year’s competition as well!

Link to payment is available here

Question structure

The Advanced Round will include subjective-type questions. This means that you have to show your full solution on paper. You can either solve it in a notebook/A4 sheets or type the solution out in word and mail the pdf to us.

The question paper will be available on our website ON this page. The question paper will have a set of 8 questions. Out of the 8 questions, 2 will be Warm-up questions ( 3 point each) and 6 will be advanced-level. (5 point each)

Topics that will be tested: Black Holes, Relativistic physics, Astronomy, particle physics, general physics etc. (Almost same as Elimination round)

Points and rules for Advanced round

1. Referring the internet to understand basic concepts and terminology is allowed.

2. Submit your answers before the deadline. Submissions recieved after the deadline will not be evaluated.

3. Use registered Email IDs to send the Solutions. Solutions received from unregistered email IDs will not be considered for evaluation.

4. We recommend solving on paper instead of typing out the answers on a laptop. However, you can choose to work out the problems on Word or Google Docs as well.

5. Make sure that your solutions are neat and clear. We will only mark what can be clearly read on the paper.


The prizes in total are worth 11,000 INR (150 USD) and will be distributed among 9 winners in the following manner:

Rank 1: 3500 INR (47.72 USD)

Rank 2: 2000 INR (27.72 USD)

Rank 3: 1000 INR (13.63 USD)

Rank 4-9: 750 INR each (10.2 USD each)

Chances of being a winner for this year’s competition is very high!