10 Quick Facts About Mercury

Mercury Facts:

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  • Galileo was the first person to observe Mercury through a telescope
  • Mercury was named after the Roman deity “Mercury”. Mercury was a messenger for the gods.
  • Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System and is 4.5 billion years old
  • It is 4800 km wide. That is 1/3rd the size of Earth and 1.4 times bigger than our Moon
  • Mercury is the second hottest planet in the Solar System after Venus.
  • Temperature is 430 degrees celsius during the day and -180 degrees Celsus at night.
  • A day on Mercury is 58 days long and a year is 88 days long.
  • Mercury has no Moons
  • Mercury’s appearance is similar to the Moon. It is full of impact craters similar to the Moon
  • The moon has a molten iron core. It also has a very weak magnetic field

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