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Last updated: 26 May 2021


International Math Championship 2021


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Physeeks magazine: Applications OPEN!

Our first ever magazine will be published in July 2021. We have started accepting guest articles!

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Competition calendar for the year 2021

Mark the 2021 competition dates!

Competition name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Competition Status
PSQC 3rd January 2021 17th January 2021 Completed
IMC 9th May 2021 16th May 2021 30th May 2021 Completed
AIAPC October 2021 October/november 2021 Upcoming

The all new Physeeks!

“On 12 March 2021, we launched a fresh new design for We were encouraged to improve our website’s visitor experience because of the love, support, and appreciation we received from our daily viewers and competition participants. Thank you and we hope to receive your support through the years…..”

-Varun Shankar
Founder of


Question papers of the Qualification and Final Rounds are available on this page.


PSQC21 has finally ended and the winners have been announced!

The following participants ranked in the top 2% of all test givers!

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Rank Name Prize Awarded
1 Pratyush Kumar Das 3500 INR
2 Tanmay Singh 2500 INR
3 Akshat Nerella 2000 INR

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Will a budget as large as that of the US military be beneficial for NASA?- A short analysis

One thing that many space enthusiasts love to imagine is the wonders that NASA and other space agencies would be able to accomplish if their budgets were increased significantly. Some argue that world governments are simply wasting money on their militaries and the money would be much better spent on space exploration as it will push technological development and improve our civilization. But will that actually be the case?

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“Why should humans colonize Mars?”


Mars is the next “giant leap” for mankind. It is one of the those celestial bodies in the Solar System which is favorable for human settlement. It has a gravity that is 0.37 times that of the Earth, it has an atmosphere and Surface temperatures that range from -80 to -5 degree Celsius. The conditions on the planet aren’t exactly perfect but we can build a settlement there.

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What is Physics?

Physics is the study of laws that govern the working of our universe. The laws of physics were interwoven into the fabric of our cosmos since the beginning of space and time. It is responsible for everything that exists in this universe, including life itself. Therefore one might ask how life is possible due to physics. Isn’t it due to biology? Well, physics is the master of all sciences. Biology is made possible because of chemistry and chemistry exists because of the physics of atoms.

Physics and Humans

Physics has affected daily human life and lifestyle to a much greater extent than you can imagine. It is the oldest and most important of all sciences. It has played a major role in the history of the human race. Advances in physics give us a better understanding of nature. It revolutionizes our technology and opens doors to a wide range of new possibilities. For example – developments in Newtonian mechanics led to the industrial revolution, and contributions of Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell electrified our homes and cities. Physics also led us into the era of technological revolution (second industrial revolution) with the spread of the railway, the invention of the radio and telephone, and advances in other applied sciences.

Developments in quantum physics is currently advancing us to the next generation of computers called the quantum computer (uses concepts like quantum superposition). It is also making automation and large scale use of robots a reality.

Less than 400 years have passed since Isaac Newton gave calculus and laws of gravitation to the world and we have progressed so much in terms of technology. All the marvels in technology that we see around us is made possible because of developments in physics like computer, television, high speed trains, internet and the most famous of all – our smartphones.

Role in Space Exploration

Physics has played a major role in space exploration as well. We landed a man on the moon in less than 60 years after the Wright Brothers first learned to fly. In the coming decades, we sent a probe outside the solar system (voyager one – farthest traveled man-made object). We have explored planets in our solar system with orbiters like Cassini (Saturn), Galileo (Jupiter). Sent rovers to the surface of Mars and a probe to explore the sun (Parker solar probe). And, we still have other ambitious plans to further explore the vastness of our cosmos.

Becoming Gods

Now imagine what if someday we unlocked all the secrets of the nature of our universe. What will happen then? We can only imagine. Human kind will have almost god like powers. We will have technology that is advanced beyond our wildest imaginations. Humans will have the power to move objects in space just by a simple thought in our mind and drain the energy of the stars, travel through tunnels in space called wormholes, travel back and forth in time, colonize the galaxy and maybe even alter the fate of our universe.

We humans have just started to fully understand and explore the cosmos. And, we have no idea as to what the cosmos has for us to be revealed. Therefore keep understanding and loving physics.